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Beijing Olympic report 2008/08/09 <Men's Road Race>

■ Men's road race championship in Spain Samuel Sanchez
9 days that becomes the Beijing Olympic Games opening day、It is carried out in the course of the total distance 245.4Km that men road race reaches the Great Wall from Beijing city center、Temperature 30 ℃ before and after、Among the harsh weather conditions of humidity of 85%、Samuel Sanchez of Spain、Has made the first victory won the goal sprint by the last 6 players。This is the first time also in Spain gold medal in the Olympic road race。Takashi Miyazawa that participated from Japan are delayed 31 minutes and 35 seconds from Sanchez # 86 finish。Noriyuki Beppu History、A circuit course that has been set in the second half of the course was the result of retiring the remaining three laps。

The race to join the 143 players from 55 countries and regions、It started the Yongding temple of at 11 am Beijing city center。To form a leading group exit is Chile and Bolivia of the player was subjected to a city route as about 5Km to look to the left to the right the historical heritage that Beijing is proud of。2People fled in excellent condition in cooperation、Temporarily wearing a difference 15 minutes close between the subsequent main group。Although that although in the main group fine attack there is a situation that does not lead to much larger movement was followed by long、60Population split from the attack that took place in around past the Km。25Add run group of about people has been formed。2 people to the top、10Add run group of 25 people in the difference of about minute、The main group in the difference of about it from one and a half minutes。The race went into the round course of the second half in this scheme。Miyazawa-2 player of Beppu、100We are watching the still war situation in the main group more than people。Stroke of one lap 23.8Km go down circuit course is at once up at once。The goal in this 7 round。

1Th revolution。Of the first two people、Away Gallardo of Bolivia that tired look、The one escape of Arumonashido of Chile。Add run group is stuffed at once time difference in the first up、In the Badaling of up top has been shortened to four minutes difference。Speed ​​increase as combining to this is also the main group。
2The difference between the top and follow directly group at the entrance to th revolution is 4 minutes and 11 seconds。The difference between the main group is 8 minutes and 36 seconds。And absorption top of Arumonashido is to add run group at around past the up top of this round、20The top group of people scale has been formed。This includes、There is also a face of Sastre of Spain, which won this year's Tour de France。Miyazawa Beppu is still in the main group。It is provided to the end of the deployment, both from the middle to keep a good position of the previous stage。
3Th revolution。Race lull。Time difference is only back and forth slightly。
4Th revolution。2 people of Ukraine and Belarus can get out of the top group in the uplink。Speed ​​of add run group and the rear of the main group goes up at once to follow the two in response to this。The rest is up to the goal 4 laps。
5Th revolution。The difference between the two and add run group of top 1 minute 40 seconds。The difference between the main group is 2 minutes and 51 seconds。Mid-orbit、Champion of the Athens Games, which was in the main group、Italian Bettini is punk。Lag behind the population。Lo and behold、Beppu is that looked like was running with a margin in the main group to the front of the orbiting、Cross the finish line 8 minutes and 51 seconds behind from the beginning。Not felt the desire to fight the other to figure stepping slowly pedal on its face down acceleration。
6 lap the remaining two laps。2 people 5 people top group three people have been catching up from the main group is joined to the head just before entering this round。The main group behind the delay 28 seconds。Pull the top、Sastre、Contador、Sanchez、Spain urging of luxury lineup of Valverde。Bettini is behind them、Italy urged followed of Reberrin。Population inspired by the appearance of the favorite is steadily increasing the speed、Absorb the top group in the uplink summit、30I went to down in a group of about a person。While fierce battle towards these goals unfolds、Miyazawa of Japan Takashi has passed the finish line in 8 minutes 6 seconds behind from the beginning。
And the final round。I heard the sound of the remaining one-lap bell at top、6Austria fans Bell gel that began missing in the circumferential Eyes down。But getting caught up in the middle of 14-five add run group。And、Luxembourg of Shrek is attack the uplink top front。Reberrin of Italy in this、The top is a three Sanchez of Spain reacts。Of chasing it desperately Australian Rogers and Russia Menshofu。The difference is it for about 15 seconds、Not Chijimara quite。Among such、Time trial world champion had been caught up by increasing the stretch speed from behind、You can check Lara of Switzerland。Rogers riding on catching up of this can check Lara、Ikioizuki also two Menshofu、Finally in the vicinity of the goal front 800m top six in。And game is brought to the goal sprint、I won this Sanchez of Spain in the powerful running、It was to hand the title of Olympic champion。

<Comment Fumiyuki Beppu>
It was tough in tough race。Also there was because of that pace first but I was tight from the lap was faster。2Zhou 3rd lap pace at the 3 laps do is I was not able to run it up at once、So we have a little delay there is also the middle out of the population。But I was going to have quite finish for this race、I only Tteyuu my own body was weak after all。It was also done after heat。1Because I drank three bottles each time Zhou。By doing the competition so far、Since I had never the experience of drinking and more than 1 liter down to drink more than one liter up、I it was very painful。Hot the Nde is weak I had to deal somehow or pour water on my head but ...。Made up of staff who has hard support、It is full of feeling that was not sorry for people who told me to cheer。

<Takashi Miyazawa comment>
It was fun。But to the course it was difficult than I thought we have anyway hot、This time Nari to be 100% ready yourself、100I think% force was also Dashikire。Since the only deployment was as he had expected、Once it was more courses have their own direction、I think whether not it was leave a little more good results。But this time it has settle for that was put out 100% of their power。