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Beijing Olympic report 13 August 2008 Google Translation <track opening the day before>

8Month 14 days, the Beijing Olympics Day 7。Cycling is finished the whole schedule of load compete in yesterday's load individual time trial、Kicks off is finally track from tomorrow。19The men's 7 events of medal contention is played in five days until the day、A total of 10 events of the women's 3 events。Competed event of the Japan players、Team Sprint, which won the silver medal in the previous Athens tournament of tomorrow 15 days。Keirin and boys points race is 16 days。3 days from the men and women sprint is 17 days。And point race of women is carried out in 18 days。
Track team of Japan was committed to final adjustment in track practice from 11 am today。It had participated、7 players other than Nagatsuka addressed to rest today in preparation for the tomorrow of production。The players of expression that has entered the track、Instead hit the previous relaxed mood、The color of the truly tension was floated。I heard a frame of mind that was a day after finally up to the start of the competition to each player。
<Fushimi players>
Tension has。But it is still two days before the race、I am excited by yourself one。If adjustments、It is felt that this in no way if useless。Nde there is a feeling that did only do、After that I'm not regret if Dashikirere his power in production。
<Iijima players>
It has become the feeling of the Olympic Games from Atari today。Because the race is the same the second day with the Keirin、Fushimi I want to make a good flow to Kimi in company team。The physical condition、Why how take the tired after、Riding on the eyes light today、I want to to set up to comfortably start line。The results we have that I think will come with later、I want devoted to their race in a production。
<Nagai players>
I am not at all tense。I think that the tension from per maybe today evening。Physical condition is good。In team sprint、Nde was 13 seconds 4 at the World Championships、The goal is more than it。If Guilin would go rock out because there is no pressure。My best and aim finals。
<Watanabe players>
I wonder and a sense of tension is it is not yet。But I think that it completely different and probably at night Toka tomorrow morning today、It sounds too good and it is us oriented towards good。Since the team sprint was not able to practice together think、There is a keep up or anxiety in Nagatsuka's Dash。Feel like some of his forces to reverse towards the about is released is put out in but production。It is still halon For Sprint。Nde have been gradually feeling even better come in here、Repaint the Japanese record of one 10 seconds as their own、10I want to put out the cots in the second。
<Beijin players stay>
We earnestly tension。In fact, it had been soaring from before about a week。It is around want to run away from here。The condition basis there is still nicely come not part。I still want to adjust the neighborhood since the ride 3 days left。I am doing my best to be able to anyway now、I want faces the race with confidence。
<Tsukuda player>
There is a strange sense of tension。It is unsettling feeling I think various。I would like faces in the race to organize the feeling until the production of the day。
<Wada seen players>
Has been increasingly tense。I feel a thing called the Olympics。It should I Rarere change this tension in the right direction、I still feel anxiety because the first time that。I want to Omoikkiri Dashikiri his power without hesitation in production。
<Nagatsuka players> ※ telephone interview
There is no tension。Best well ever be physical condition、Located in the gun barrel state with the aim of medal。44 seconds the first half at least the whole goal time of tomorrow。43 seconds stand is to put out if you can。Personally personal best (17 seconds 566) update is the goal。Tomorrow is going to face the production wearing the LZR Racer。