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Beijing Olympic Japan delegation Irimura formula

2008/08/06Japan delegation Irimura formula

6 days became two days left until the Beijing Olympics opening、In the Olympic Village (athletes' village) is Irimura formula of Japan delegation was conducted。This Japanese team is but scale that most of the 525 people the past、Players who are Beijing-filled to date is also ensure you have entered the final adjustment stage of、It took part in an expression in conjunction players staff were fewer and 55 people。Miyazawa of the bicycle team also Olympic debut Takashi、Although the men's Road 2 players of Fumiyuki Beppu had athletes village filled yesterday、I did not participate in the Irimura formula for boarding in equipment adjustment and practice course。

Practice of the day、The boarded from the Athletes Village at the specified course away about 60km about three and a half hours。Trial run in this course is scheduled to take place tomorrow。

<Takashi Miyazawa's Comment>
It is a comfortable and beautiful than I thought athletes village。Meal also is not a problem。You realize that you have come to the Olympic and or find the face of the famous players。I feel that there has been an increased focus rather than a sense of tension will be as production approaches。

<'s Comment Fumiyuki Beppu>
It is more beautiful than the players village thought。Meal is also delicious。Tension came here has been growing gradually。I did not ride yesterday、Today, I came running with the intention of conditioned foot。