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Beijing Olympic Games opening 2008/08/08

Finally at August 8, 2008 8:00 pm (local time)、29th Olympic Games kicked off。Men load a bicycle competition road race is 9 days、10Japan Women's Road、13Men and women time trial on the day。Men and women 10 events in five days from the track the race is 15 days。New competition BMX is 20, 21 days。And women's mountain bike is 22 days、23It takes place in the men's schedule on the day。
2 players of Noriyuki Takashi Miyazawa Beppu history of the men's road race participation that today is performed、day before yesterday、Carefully test run this course、Yesterday was also the final adjustment Demuki to this course again in the morning。Tournament road course for now、To the start point of the Yongding temple of Beijing city center、It ran through the World Heritage area, such as Tiananmen or the Palace Museum、From the previous Great Wall, juyong pass went about 80km to the north-west direction、1It set over the circuit course in the circumferential 23.8km。Total distance 245.4km tomorrow of the boys this circuit course 7 laps to。Women becomes a race of total distance 126.4km 2 laps。Highest altitude point is、World-altitude at the famous Great Wall, Badaling as a tourist spot 650m。Road leading to it is quite expected and than Towards the end of the game stations in the steep slope。Approximately 600m altitude difference is through all the way、And it has a approximately 360m when he only circuit course。If you can overlook the surrounding sunny and discussions、Korezo just China! Should sight is then deployed from the next, such as。The race will start in today morning 11 o'clock (local time)。

<Story of Miura Kyoshi coach>
Course I do not think there is so much more difficult compared with the Olympic course of the past。Because the simple setting that up down down up rather than the course, such as there are a number will be a good command in sprinter。Than there is no need lighter gear since it is not so much even gradient。If you get on well escape group Ya、If you can keep a good position when it became a goal sprint、2I think the opportunity is also to people。2No problem in physical condition with people、It seems to focus also been growing at a good feeling。

Olympic Park August 8 1:00 pm current temperature 32.9 ℃ humidity 53%