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Announcement of the "track race series Round 4 (Omuniamu)" than Gakuren

To the Japan Student Cycling Federation (Gakuren) sponsored by Track Racing Series Round 4 of (Omnium) is、Other than Gakuren registered players、18JCF roster of more than year-old is able to participate。
Tournament All Japan student track race series fourth round Izumizaki September round (Omuniamu)
Discipline Elite Men Omuniamu
Elite Women's Omuniamu
Period Date September 20, 2014(Sat) to 21 days(Japan) 
     20日:13時競技開始 オムニアム1日目
     21日:9時競技開始 オムニアム2日目
会  場 福島県泉崎村 泉崎サイクルスタジアム(333m)

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