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JCF National talent hub camp (junior and senior high school students interest) offering guidance

November 26th, 2016

In this federation、2016In order to spread the common foundations to more widely cyclists year across the country、It began athlete path way business。As a consistent pathway in this project, which leads to the elite (the road which players slide into growth) can be carried out in the whole country、We aim to build a leadership program to guide。Also、So that the children of the region, which is the most important initial stage in the player development can continue to bike training、We support the activities of the local club for elementary and junior high school students。
Basic riding skills of bicycle that target mainly junior high school students in this training camp、4Training method using a kind of bicycle、Learn about the knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in the future world。In addition it is essential to regional club development、It has become a program structure that also serves as a regional coach development。

対 象:中学生・一部の高校生・指導者
The field:三重県いなべ市、Yokkaichi、桑名市
Entrance fee:無料


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