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Competition Rules

UCI Competition Rules

00_ Articles of Incorporation
2010/10/01Version139.26 kB(7953)
00_UCI Ethical Practice
2016/06/02Version741.83 kB(1195)
00_ Table of Contents - Introduction
2014/05/14Version432.04 kB(8232)
01Clarification guide _UCI technical regulations
2017/01/01Version3.35 MB(12248)
01Cycling tissue as a _ Sports
2017/08/14A版1.74 MB(11605)
01Bicycle measurement jig manufacture essential point for bicycle _ time trial
01_ University _ bicycle of technical regulations apply Practical Guide
2011Version397.67 kB(12587)
02-1_ Athletic's agent rules
2015/01/01Version388.24 kB(1355)
02_ Road Race
2017/10/25A版2.63 MB(6801)
2018/01/01Version2.55 MB(84)
02_ Road Race (driver certificate)
Annex edition307.2 kB(1100)
02_ Road Race (bad weather during the implementation guidelines)
2016/03/01Version237.5 kB(1570)
03Terminology Table on _ track race violation
2015A版351.08 kB(1260)
2017/10/01Version2.03 MB(11579)
04_ Mountain bike competition
2017/01/01Version2.21 MB(2739)
05_ Cyclocross competition
2017/06/28Version1.23 MB(8606)
06bis_BMX · Freestyle competition
2017/02/01A版916.71 kB(988)
2017/01/01A版2.74 MB(6535)
Version1.28 MB(6790)
08_ Indoor athletics from Zhuan car- Cycle figure international regulations
2008/01/01Version8.88 MB(3973)
08_ Indoor athletics from Zhuan car- International Cycle soccer rules
2013/01/01Version529.55 kB(5149)
09_ 2010 U23 World Championships
23Eligibility grant system of age less than men load the competition
2010/02/09Version26.76 kB(2154)
09_ 2010 Road World Championships
Participation qualification system of the Elite Men Road Race
2010/02/09Version33.24 kB(2295)
2017Version778.77 kB(801)
2017/07/01Version914.29 kB(6033)
Version112.28 kB(3849)
11_ Olympic Games
2014/04/04Version593.78 kB(2230)
12_ Disciplinary and procedures
2017/07/01Version951.14 kB(6474)
13Safety and health of _ Sports
2013/02/01Version625.32 kB(4630)
14-1_UCI Anti-Doping Rules
2015/01/01A版1.66 MB(7079)
14-2_UCI Therapeutic use exception ni su ru Rules closed
2015/01/01Version557.38 kB(1003)
14-3_UCI Rules for inspection and doping investigation
2015/01/01Version1.22 MB(1194)
14-4_UCI Anti-doping court rules of procedure
2015/01/01Version486.64 kB(871)
15_ Cycling FOUR ALL
2016/01/01Version490.84 kB(4479)
16_ Para cycling
2016/05/01A版982.95 kB(6909)
17_ Joint letter of agreement
2018/01/01Version572.98 kB(4320)
Rio 2016 - Qualification System
2014/05Version955.74 kB(1761)
The first three UCI rules (a revised version of the Ba Sui)
2016October 14, entered into force
2016/10/14Version859.84 kB(1145)
Frame and fork of the approval procedure
Dress athletes
2016/05/01Version1.63 MB(3635)
Frequently Asked Questions (frame and fork of the approval procedure)

JCF Competition Rules

2017/04/05Version7.04 MB(7008)
Ruleset revised items you see a table 2016
2016/04/01Version764.6 kB(4703)
Guidelines for use of the JCF domestic championship's jersey
20160310Version602.83 kB(5450)
For wear obligations of Continental Championships's jersey
2016/03/07Version161.99 kB(984)
Supplemental:The interpretation of the competition rules
2017/04/12Version129.75 kB(2859)


Asia Union Cycliste the Articles of Incorporation and Fukusoku
2011The revision in the year February 7 ACC meeting