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Tuan Public Finance of Japan from Zhuan vehicle Athletic League Affairs

  • Yubinbango141-0021 Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Kamiosaki 3-3-1 bicycle complex 5th floor
  • Tel. 03–6277-2690 Fax. 03–6277-2691

  • Personal information you input will be used only at the time of the inquiry confirmed。
  • Please note that you may not be able to answer depending on the contents of the inquiry。
  • For anonymous and contact those unknown、Because we do not have to answer、Please note。
  • Use of sales and profit from the inquiry of the form、please do not。
  • In inquiries from everyone of JCF registered members、Inquiry of the tournament, such as get your application through the affiliated member organizations、Also thank you to the member organizations of belonging in your trouble。
  • Inquiries about mountain bike (MTB) is、Thank you to the right address。
  • Inquiries about coverage、 Application coverage - 44 kB - (432 hits)Please send。