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〈MEDIA〉TV放送予定(トラック/ブノワ・ベトゥ,脇本雄太)NHK World

■NHK World J-Arena
NHKワールド 2018/12/7(Oro)13:30〜(28分)、17:30~、25:30~、翌7:30~

▽Japan’s homegrown track cycling sport of keirin first joined the
Olympics in 2000. Despite a vibrant professional scene, Japan has
underperformed on the world stage until now. We speak to 10-time former
sprint cycling world champion, Koichi Nakano, and renowned coach Benoit
Vetu, who are working hard to transform Japan’s fortunes. Thanks in part
to revamped training program performances have been improving, with Yuta
Wakimoto clinching the men’s keirin title at this year’s UCI World Cup.



・NHKワールド「ひかりTV 181ch」「J:COM 280ch」「地域ケーブルテレビ」