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Women's Tour of New Zealand fifth and 6th stage result

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● fifth stage (112km)
1位 Shelley OLDS USA 2:48:20
2位 Ruth CORSET FROM +00:04
3位 Xin LIU CHN +00:06
7Place Morita Masami JPN +00:10
30Place Rie Katayama JPN +00:10
59Place Toyooka Eiko JPN +17:03
65Bit west Ganan child JPN +17:03

● sixth stage (Criterium 1 hour +3 laps)
1位 Shelley OLDS USA 1:03:19
2位 Kirsty BROUN OFF +0
8Place Morita Masami JPN +0
– Toyooka Eiko JPN DSQ
– Rie Katayama JPN DSQ
– West Ganan child JPN DSQ

● Personal synthesis results
1位 Shelley OLDS USA 12:33:00
2位 Amber SIDE USA +00:16
3位 Tiffany Cromwell +00:45
15Place Masami Morita JPN +02:41