Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Downhill World Championship 2016 <Report>

image0032.9 / 4 to 5 days
Last night (at around 23) safely arrived at the Val de sole is a venue through the airplane total of 16 hours + driving 4 hours、Local confluence of sets of Kushima who participated to Andorra World Cup, which was held last week、Shimizu、It has been successfully joined with Kato。
Although the climate is cold morning and evening、During the day has become a very pleasant climate。
Today assembled the bike、It gave a shopping, such as water。
ジュニアの選手では海外コースが初めての選手もいるので、試合スケジュールが始まる前に準備出来る時間を大切にして行きます。(永田 隼也)