Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Tour de l'Avenir <report>

8Month 21 days the second stage 156.6㎞
While speed race is expected following the second stage previous day、3 people who jumped in the fourth grade mountain point of 50 km point has been reached in only one hour from the start has become and deployment outrun to the goal。It ran in the subsequent main population, but the Japanese team was also 落車 trouble in the middle of Kobayashi、Goal in the 23rd deployed in front of Kobashi a goal。Onodera、Kobayashi、Amasawa、Akita also has passed the goal line in a safe position of the same population。終盤に疲れを見せた石上はラスト15㎞で集団から遅れて単独でのゴールとなった。勝ったのは昨日も逃げに乗り2位でゴールしたノルウェーのJANSEN(ヤンセン)で同時に総合リーダーとなった。明日は早くも最後のフラットステージ。チームから逃げに乗せる事を課題としてスタートする。(Sensible Asada)

Race Results
1 JANSEN Amund Grondahl(ノルウェー)3h31m20s
2 DIBBEN Jonathan (united kingdom)
3 DENZ Nico (ドイツ)+0s
…23小橋勇利、77Onodera Ling、110Amasawa Yi Ming、114小林海+2m48s

Overall Individual leader
JANSEN Amund Grondahl(ノルウェー)+6h32m29s