Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Tour de l'Avenir <report>

It fared the start of Onodera8Month 24 days fourth stage 16.5㎞ individual time trial
The fourth stage is an individual time trial of the course required of power to maintain the speed of that there is a difference in height。Noticeable movement was not the United States accounted for the top until yesterday。This event the Japanese and weak、Onodera in the team is 59、Kobayashi going to raise the overall performance from tomorrow showed a decent luck with the position 65。Mountainous begins individual total score battle begins in earnest from tomorrow。(Sensible Asada)


1 COSTA Adrien(アメリカ)21m14s56 (平均速度46,625 km/h)
2 POWLESS Neilson(アメリカ)+02s
3 DIBBEN Jonathan (イギリス)+7s

JANSEN Amund Grondahl(ノルウェー)+11h11m46s