Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Tour de l'Avenir <report>

Fifth stage 97.8㎞ (Intermediate mountain stage)
Rush to the mountain stage from today。It is a stage of the top goal, but about 50 people become a high-speed race in that the distance is short and that the gradient of climb is loose has become a race to goal while remaining in the population。Deployment Onodera is riding to the relief of the 23 people made in the middle、Ishigami Metropolitan Akita to the foot of the last climb to perform the position up for Kobayashi targeting an increase in the individual total score in the population。しかし終盤に小林は不調を訴え先頭グループから脱落しゴールでは8分以上の遅れとなってしまった。残念な結果となったが落胆している場合ではない。明日からは仕切り直し、遅れたことで得たチャンスを生かした走りをして行きたい。(Sensible Asada)

1 RODRIGUEZ SALAZAR John Anderson(コロンビア)2h15m31s
2 STORER Michael(オーストラリア)+0s
3 SIVAKOV Pavel(ロシア)+4
…95石上優大+6m07s …117小林海、118Onodera Ling、119秋田拓磨+8m21s

DENZ Nico(ドイツ)13h28m27s