Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Tour de l'Avenir <report>

8Month 25 days sixth stage 122.9㎞ (mountain stage)
2Full-fledged mountain stage that goal a class mountain into three beyond primary mountain。Race starts climbed from immediately after the start、Activation in the wake of the attack of the French players。Akita moves from the team。Over the prior of the constructed main countries a total of 14 persons group of、Among the subsequent population also Yuku to reduce the number of people up the pace、Clear the pass of Me One held up only Kobayashi from the team。However, in the second of the climbing population also retreated destroyed Kobayashi、After that arrived to the goal in small groups。Onodera、秋田も最終集団で完走し厳しい一日を終えた。石上は6日間のレースの疲労から途中リタイヤとなった。明日も同類の厳しいステージだが、出来ることを試み今日よりも良いステージにしたい。(Sensible Asada)

1 GAUDU David(フランス)3h59m37s
2 RAVASI Edward (イタリア)+14s
3 VANHOUCKE Harm(ベルギー)+19s
…72小林海+31m42s …90小野寺玲+34m09s …108秋田拓磨+34m53s

RODRIGUEZ SALAZAR John Anderson(コロンビア)17h31m04s