Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Tour de l'Avenir <report>

Onodera8Month 26 days seventh stage 120.4㎞ (mountain stage)
The sixth stage is a short 120㎞ and distance but severe exhaustion stage, including three mountain pass of primary mountain。Race has a primary mountain immediately after start、Beginning population of 10 persons strong attack is started from the foot are formed。Akita and Kobayashi of Japan team became retired early on will be delayed here。Onodera is to follow the front to create a small group where down the first pass while delay、To return to the final group played a goal at the foot end of the climb goal。Tomorrow is the last day、Onodera is aimed at ultra-class mountain goal of 72㎞ destination。(Sensible Asada)

1 SCHULTZ Nicholas(オーストラリア)3h33m58s
2 GAUDU David(フランス) +1m24s
3 HINDLEY Jai (オーストラリア) +1m26s

GAUDU David(フランス)21h06m35s