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Track W Cup second round first day, second day matinee result

[Results] athletics
2015/12/4(first day)
● men's team sprint qualifying
10Bit Japan (rain valley a tree into · a · Watanabe Seiichiro Nakagawa) 44 seconds 427
● women's team sprint qualifying
14Bit Japan (Danjing Gui Lai Zi plus Kanako) 35 seconds 379
● women's team pursuit qualifying
14Place Japan (Tsukagoshi Sakura Kajiwara Yumi Nakamura HiSatoshi and South Ueno) 4 minutes 38 seconds 429
2015/12/5(Day 2) matinee
● Men's Keirin First Round
Wakimoto Yuta (JPC) to the second round in the first round 4 pieces → 1 round repechage one outfit
Kazunari Watanabe (JPN) 1 round 6 pieces → 1 round repechage 3 pieces
● Women's sprint qualifying200M Flying Time Trial
29Tian Jia on behalf of the former is (JPC) 11 秒 498
33Place Takako Ishii (JPN) 11 seconds 653
○ woman オ ni ア Rousseau RousseauⅠ・II・III 途中成績
21Place Tsukagoshi Sakura (SH 10 place,IP23位(3:49.855))
○ man オ ni ア Rousseau RousseauⅠ・II 途中成績
16Place Kuboki Kazushige (SH 11 place,IP17位(4:31.947))

Open schedule reminders:2015年12月4日(金)~12月6日(日)
Open reminder place:New Zealand Cambridge

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