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Rio Olympics <report> # 17

■ Rio Olympics BMX final day of the women's Pahon Olympic 2 consecutive men of Colombia gold medal is the United States of Fields 20160819
8May 19、Rio Olympics BMX final day of the semi-finals and finals for both men and women was conducted。Semi-final two sets of eight people for 3 times race、The sum of the respective rank as a point、4 people each set total points from the smallest player becomes the finalists。The winner is determined by the final just once alone with the race。In BMX race uncertain element is Tata、You can not win unless attached to finally luck ally。
Women's semi-final one set of the London Olympics 2012 champion、And it became the monopoly of Pahon of Columbia, which is also the world champion of this year。3Race with Upon exiting to the top in the first straight in the outstanding start dash、Then decided the finals in the 3-game winning streak not allowed to follow the other players。2The pair London Olympics 5、Influential person of this year's world championship silver medal、Attention gathered for a run of Australian Buchanan。Buchanan is the first time one outfit、2Although it seems that there is no finals mistake at times 4th wearing、38th suffered 落車 in the race day。This had to finals in the end the final fifth place sounded。
8 who became the women's BMX finalists、Colombia Pahon (24)、Dutch Sumurudasu (22)、American Crane (23)、Like the United States of the post (25)、Venezuela Hernandez (25)、Belgian fan Hof (24)、French Valentino (25)、And Russian Bondarenko (19)。The final of the one-shot deal that does not know what will happen。But here was one stage of the world Queen Pahon。When Pahon is run down the start Hill in the semifinals same excellent start dash、Half car only about leading the group in the first straight。When the exit at the beginning of the first corner to be a match point in the waste-free course up、After that was the only run through Victory Road nobody who hinder。Among the celebrations in the Columbia cheering fill the main stand、Pahon has achieved the Olympic 2 consecutive title feat。
<Women's BMX final results>
Victory Pahon Colombia
# 2 post America
3rd Hernandez Venezuela

Men's semi-finals two Australian influential person has appeal to strong performance。Top pass through the final barrier to the final in the first set is Dean three races with one outfit。Advanced to the finals in the strength of six race losing knowing from yesterday's quarter-finals silver medalist Willoughby of the London Olympics in the second set。
The final members、Australia Willoughby (25)、Like Australia's Dean (25)、American Long (26)、Like the United States of Fields (23)、Dutch fan Hol-com (25)、Also Dutch Kiman (20)、Canadian Nihan (24)、And eight Colombian Ramirez Jefferies PES (22)。This attention is gathered in the course strong Australia urging two people。But it slipped out with the start two of the United States urging。Willoughby、Australia urged two of Dean recession in the form that has been caught off imaginary。In the first corner was the deployment to follow the back of two people of the United States urging。Successful start dash multiplied by the game、Fields got the advantage of as intended in the race the first half、America urging two Long、Aiming to finish in the running of at a breath。Australia urges will fail in the jump that Dean enters the second corner 落車。Willoughby also struggled down the position in the subsequent melee。Dutch fan Hol Com second long the United States urging two people to go before the third corner、But it was overtaken caught off-ins to Ramirez Jefferies PES of Columbia、Fields finish as it Nigeki'。It led to this event's first gold medal in the United States。The center of the championship and the eye has been Australia urged two people、Willoughby is the 6-position、Dean was a result of the 8-position can not finish big damage of 落車 in the second corner。
<Men's BMX final results>
Victory Fields America
Second place fan Hol comb Netherlands
Third place Ramirez Jefferies PES Colombia

Rio Olympics Cycling is mountain bike is the final competition to be carried out over a period of two days from tomorrow。(Tatsuro Ban)