Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Held load elite National Komisseru course

2016Load elite National Komisseru course to become the country's first held was held in the schedule of four days in the year August 18 (Thursday) from the same 21 (Sunday) to Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo bicycle complex。UCI 指名 講師 Martijn SWINKELS 氏 (NED)、NF appointed lecturer Mr. Nobuhiro Matsukura of the original 22 people received a lecture in English。All lectures after the end of、Five of the 21 people who take the written test and oral test has passed。As of successful candidates is below。
Fujita Masashi (Mie Prefecture Cycling Federation) Sumikamado Junichi (Gifu Cycling Federation)
Chiho Iwasa (Osaka Cycling Federation) long-distance arrow Yuka (Osaka Cycling Federation)
Rich and clear training (Nara car from Zhuan Athletic League)