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World Championships report

DSC_08932015Year World Championship Road America Richmond
World bicycle championship road race being held in the United States Richmond。9Individual time trial of the month 21 days Junior girls and U23 category was held。Women's Junior Kajiwara Yumi of continued second time competed in the last year has performed well with the 11-position。3From the road race members in the World Championship to become U23 category of the year the first time in、Same category Japan TT champion of pebble Yuba and Atsushi Oka of 2 people raced、Oka is 49、Pebble became Unfortunately # 50 grades under the influence of the middle of the 落車 fall。Yukitai improve concentration in both categories finished the time trial towards the road race of 25 days。(Sensible Asada)
9Athletics Results February 21
Women's junior individual time trial
1 DYGERT Chloe(アメリカ)20m18s47
2 WHITE Emma(アメリカ)+1m5s53
3 Hull Anna-Leeza (オ ー ス ト ラ リ ア) + 1m26s08
... 11 Yuki Kajiwara not + 1m54s52

Men's U23 individual time trial30㎞
1 SCHMIDT Mads Wurtz(デンマーク)37m10s96
2 SCHACHMANN Maximilian(Germany)+12s20
3 STOVE Lennard(Germany)+21m02s