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World Championship TT Junior Women's <Breaking>

Shimoyama start ofWorld Championship TT Junior women
10It begins World Championships individual time trial from month 10 days、The Junior girls who became the first race Misuzu Shimoyama of the first year junior participated。
Less experienced Shimoyama of the time trial is too much up the pace in the first half to start。35Among the ℃ or more of hot weather、It received a big damage in the first half up the pace of、Speed ​​does not rise in the flat from the middle。Was the goal while suffering in the heat。Overlooking adjusted from tomorrow for three days towards the good at road race。(Takayuki Kakinoki)

1 Karlijn Swinkels(オランダ)18分21秒
2 Lisa Morzenti(イタリア)7秒差
3 Labous Juliette(France) 21Parsec
35下山美寿々 2分37秒差