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"12th JBCF Fuji Hill Climb" report from business group

Jose Vicente Toribio (Matrix Powertag)J Pro Tour Round 9
"Mt. Fuji matrix of Jose Vicente Toribio overwhelmed four-game winning streak."

Fuji thistle line of "super hill" to represent Japan。The average slope is greater than 10%、An average of 18 percent, especially from midfield too、Followed by up to 22% of the interval。Record of J Pro Tour is 40 minutes and 52 seconds, which was put out of Jose Vicente Toribio (now Matrix Powertag) in 2013。42 minutes and 11 seconds Makoto Morimoto in Japanese players (Yamagata Iname Shinano) was issued in 2010。
After the start Team UKYO、Utsunomiya Blitzen and Matrix Powertag vigor to make the pace、3Finish the straight section of km in about 30 people。3 people here from Toribio Benjamin and stand at the beginning Puradesu (Matrix Powertag) and Tomohiro Hayakawa (Aisan Racing Team) to。Runaway further Toribio past the mid-point is to accelerate。As it is winning at the finish was 41 minutes 34 seconds。Toribio own two-game winning streak following the Tsugaike of two weeks ago、Team ride indeed 4-game winning streak and a wave from April Gunma CSC road race。

Date June 21, 2015(Japan)
Venue Shizuoka Prefecture Sunto-gun Oyama-cho Fuji thistle line
From the full-length 11.4km、Elevation difference 1200m
1Place Jose Vicente Toribio (Matrix Powertag) 41 minutes 34 seconds
2Place Benjamin Puradesu (Matrix Powertag) +1 minutes 12 seconds
3Place Tomohiro Hayakawa (Aisan Racing Team) +1 minutes 16 seconds
4Place Takaaki Hori (Utsunomiya Blitzen) +2 minutes 16 seconds
5Place Daniel White House (Team UKYO) +2 minutes 24 seconds
6Place Saida Naoto (lemonade Belle Mare Racing Team) +2 minutes and 40 seconds
J Pro Tour leaderHata in Yusuke (Team UKYO)
U23 leaderTakehiro Shinjo (Nasu Burazen)
1Place Kashiki Sachiko (Neilpryde – Nanshin Subaru Cycling Komazawa University) 54 minutes 05 seconds
2Place Dos Santos Sandra (Neilpryde – Nanshin Subaru Cycling Komazawa University) +5 minutes and 17 seconds
3Gu Ying in the new position (Neilpryde – Nanshin Subaru Cycling Komazawa University) +5 minutes 56 seconds
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