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"5th JBCF time trial championship" report from business group

Nariyuki Masuda"Nariyuki Masuda is this season's first local victory win the individual TT"
Is braking in a completely flat course over the Watarase drainage basin of physical fitness game that one place。Point is also high at the convention of the AA rank、Ryutaro Nakamura wear the All Japan TT Champion jersey (Iname Shinano Yamagata) et al TT specialist et al brings together。Course record is 19 minutes and 53 seconds tournament Jose Vicente Toribio (now Matrix Powertag) has issued in the last year 98。The race marks a good time of suddenly 20 minutes 09 seconds 60 Junya Sano in the first runner。Just one person was above this Sano of time、Nariyuki Masuda only (Utsunomiya Blitzen)。Time is greater than Sano about 6 seconds 20 minutes 03 seconds 88。Masuda is the season's first victory、He cited the long-sought victory in local Tochigi also as a team。

DateSeptember 6, 2015
VenueTochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture Fujioka-machi infield (area river)
Watarase drainage basin in the Yanaka Hubei block
Distance P1:5.3km×3周=15.9km 
1Place Nariyuki Masuda (Utsunomiya Blitzen) 20 minutes 03 seconds 88
2Place Junya Sano (Nasu Burazen) 20 minutes 09 seconds 60
3Place Oscar Pujol (Team UKYO) 20 minutes and 13 seconds 27
4Place Ryota Nishizono (Bridgestone Anchor cycling team) 20 minutes and 13 seconds 58
5Place Yuzuru Suzuki (Utsunomiya Blitzen) 20 minutes 28 seconds 85
6Place Jose Vicente Toribio (matrix PowerTags) 20 minutes and 29 seconds 26
J Pro Tour leaderHata in Yusuke (Team UKYO)
U23 leaderMetro Yuta (Nasu bu ze ra ー nn)

Fクラスタ 5.3km
1Place Sakaguchi HijiriKaoru (Panasonic ladies) 7 minutes 32 seconds 97
2位 伊藤杏菜(Champion System Japan)7分51秒92
3Bit Sakaguchi Maple (Harima south of College) 8 62 minutes 05 seconds
J feminine leader 伊藤杏菜(Champion System Japan)

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