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"The 50th JBCF West track" report from business group

Iwai Shokai racing the men's team sprint victory"Iwai Chamber of Commerce、Aisan Industry、West track of the matrix et al active "
A tradition to celebrate the 50 th time this year battle has played the top teams、Engage in fierce competition in the fierce battle。Iwai Shokai racing consists of Keirin players exhibit the first time specialists dominated the short-range 4 events。Aisan Racing Team is the first year of Harada HiroshiNaru is middle distance 2 crown achieved、And Matrix Powertag also won the middle distance events 2。
Round 2 East track next time is carried out in the Matsumoto Misuzuko Velodrome on July 10。

JBCF Truck Series first leg, "the 50th JBCF West track"
Dated May 22, 2016 (Sun)
Venue Osaka Kishiwada Kishiwada City Keirin field perimeter 400m

Men's Sprint
1Place Shin Ito (Iwai Shokai Racing)
2Place Hashimoto RyoHajime (Matrix Powertag)
3Place Shigeki Ito (Berochisuta Pearl Izumi)

Men's 1km time trial
1Place Shogo Fujii (Iwai Shokai Racing) 1 minute 08 seconds 599
2Yamauchi Ya bit expensive (Pinazou Test Team) 1 693 minutes 09 seconds
3Place Koji Nagano (ACQUA TAMA EURO-WORKS) 1 minute 09 seconds 768

Women's 500m Time Trial
1Place Tomoko Kosaka (Iwai Shokai Racing) 38 seconds 541

Men's 4km Indivi dual pursuit
1Place Harada HiroshiNaru (Aisan Racing Team) 4 minutes 44 seconds 084
2Place Kintani Ryo (Matrix Powertag) 4 minutes 44 seconds 457
3Place Minoru Shinchon (CS Slinger) 4 minutes 50 seconds 517

Men's Junior 3km Indivi dual pursuit
1Salt bit Kawasaki Falcon Show (south of Matsuyama from Zhuan Colleges Athletic vehicle portion) 147 3 minutes 52 seconds

Women's 3km Indivi dual pursuit
1Place Sakaguchi HijiriKaoru (Panasonic Women's) 4 minutes 08 seconds 129

Men's Keirin
1Yamauchi Ya bit expensive (Pinazou Test Team)
2位 碇 優 太 (iSNet fukui cycling team)
3Place Fukuda Shinpei (Aisan Racing Team)

Men's 10km scratch
1Place Mukaigawa Naoki (Matrix Powertag)
2Place Islandia Fernandez (matrix PowerTags)
3Place Wataru Otsuka (Shieruvo Nara MIYATA-MERIDA Racing Team)

Men's Points Race 30km
1Place Harada HiroshiNaru (Aisan Racing Team) 39 points
2Place Kintani Ryo (Matrix Powertag) 36 points
3Place Kenji TAKUBO (Matrix Powertag) 26 points

Men's Team pursuit 4km
1Place Matrix Powertag (TAKUBO、The River、Fernandez、Near Valley) 4 minutes 35 seconds 577

Men's Team Sprint
1Place Iwai Shokai Racing (Kotani、Fujii、Ito) 1 minute 18 seconds 737
2Bit Matsuyama shrine Universities (Manabe、Morimoto、Fujino) 1 minute 22 seconds 170
3Place Matsuyama Seongnam high school cycling part (Shiozaki、Hino Ling Yu、Hino Thai static) 193 1 minute 24 seconds

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