Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League


J Pro Tour individual first place overall Jose Vicente ToribioAnnual awards ceremony of JBCF series ended all the dates with the "Makuhari New City Criterium" is、It was carried out on the main stage of the "CYCLE MODE international2016" being held at the Makuhari Messe。
Players and team of the year first place overall in each department is on stage、Certificate of commendation and a prize was given from the ax Takao Chairman of The Japan business group Cycling Federation。
■ J Pro Tour (JPT)
Individual first place overall Jose Vicente Toribio (Matrix Powertag)
Individual second place overall Nariyuki Masuda (Utsunomiya Blitzen)
Personal third place overall Benjamin Puradesu (Team UKYO)
U23 individual first place overall Rei Onodera (Utsunomiya Blitzen)
Organization overall victory Team UKYO

Individual first place overall Atsushi Oka (sissy pedal cycling team)
Organization overall victory sissy pedal cycling team

■ J フ ェ ミ ニ ン ツ ア ー (JFT)
Individual first place overall Miyoko Karami (sissy pedal cycling team)

■ J ユ ー ス ツ ア ー (JYT)
Individual first place overall Fukuda KeiAkira (Yokohama high school cycling portion)

"JBCF load series 2016-year award"
Date 2016 November 5 (Saturday)
Venue Makuhari Messe "CYCLE MODE international2016" main stage

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