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4th JCF Junior training camp (track)

14th of camp began in the schedule of the month 13 days from the (gold) 5 days, 4 nights。This time, carried out the set players of men and women 12 people Asia Championship scheduled to be held in India in February。Be aware of the upcoming overseas expedition ahead、It is the purpose of this training camp to carry out the preparation of thorough until the diet and health management from training。
The goal medal in the tournament、Achieve further level up concentrated in the team events and individual events of the plan that he is to compete with each player。Outdoor is a big chill arrival of this winter most、強風が吹き日中でも3℃と非常に寒い天候であるが、ドーム内は常時20℃とトレーニングできる最高の環境である。
1、2日目は団体種目を中心に短距離はパワー系トレーニングを、中・長距離はディスクを装着してF2000~4000mのTPの実践トレーニングを行った。(ジュニア強化支援スタッフ 河田拓也)