Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

08-09Season track W Cup (United Kingdom) first leg kicks off

Large meeting name 08-09 UCI Track World Cup first leg
Venue United Kingdom - Manchester
During the General Assembly October 31, 2008 (Gold) ~ November 2 (Japan)
Supervision Frederick Marnier (JCF National Director)
Select hand Kazunari Watanabe (JPCA · Fukushima)
Kazuya Narita (JPCA · Fukushima)
Yudai Nitta (JPCA · Fukushima)

◆ International Keirin event

Appearances predetermined by
Watanabe one percent (JPCA · Fukushima) Narita and also (JPCA · Fukushima) - Yu Xintian large (JPCA · Fukushima)
Hiroyuki Inagaki (JPCA · Kyoto), Seiichiro Nakagawa (JPCA · Kumamoto)

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