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2008Cyclocross World Championship(ITALY-Treviso)Report

Open daily reminders:2008 January 26 - 27
Reminders to open:Treviso(Italy)
the weather:Mostly Sunny

Venue is situated around the TREVISO suburban pond,
Hijoni place scenic.

The course and the grass facing the pond
Those incorporating terrain that is a stepped,
There is also such as steep up and long stairs or can not or ride can,
But also necessary height of the basic speed
Technique,And concentration is required
I had finished a tough course.

But Hijoni good weather from the time of local-cored,
Road surface over the day from the morning for frost every night
The surface is very slippery condition melt out.
The road surface is for rough in the afternoon, the morning of the race,
It became a more difficult track conditions.

<Junior> ... 1/26 11:00 Start

Zhongshan start from the third row.
It got off to a smooth start leveraging a good start position.
At the start from one of Takamiya behind
It had been caught up in the confusion immediately after the start.
Because it was located in the rear of the population 落車,
State that had been completely left out of the first lap.

Shallow of racing experience for Japan's junior players
Although it was pretty tough course conditions,
Zhongshan goal in the 37-position of the 3 minutes and 18 seconds delay can attack well.

Takamiya Although tried population return from the first half of the delay,
Punk retreated again with the way around.
Unfortunately it became the middle lap out.

1.Arnaud JOUFFROY(FROM) 0:40:30
37.NAKAYAMA Kazuya(JPN) +3:18
60.TAKAMIYA Masatsugu(JPN) -1Lap

<U23> · · · 1/26 14:30 Start

4-row start of the Takenouchi jump up at the start.
When appearing at hand and half the course
Position visible head of a group forward.
But the more we become excited in the course aside!
Izawa, despite the start from the back,
I went into the circulation without being caught up in confusion.

That it was vandalized road surface in the morning of the junior race
It has become even easier to slip,
How it is struggling with players in each country.

Takenouchi, but it had dropped the middle order,
Then you can hold out
We were able to minimize the loss.
But it was delayed from the top group,
It became a goal in the 36-position of the 3 minutes and 52 seconds behind the top.

Although one of the Izawa was also Hijoni good run,
After top players approached in just the place
It had resulted in the -1Lap.

1.ALBERT Niels(BEL) 0:51:11
53.IZAWA Yudai(JPN) -1lap

<Woman> · 1/27 11:00 Start

The road surface that has been devastated by the day before the race has remained rut,
Became Hijoni difficult track conditions further melt out the frost.

Toyooka,Ogishima,3 players of Sakai is off to a good start
It passed through the home straight.
However Toyooka in a group that passes through the first S-shaped corner 落車.
Since the speed in the rough road surface was 落車 of where had fallen
They were able to return immediately and not so much of the damage.
In Ogishima a good start to exert a force in the mud condition,
They are boldly attacking the slip road surface.
Less Sakai of cross experience in Europe
While struggling in difficult road surface also laps at a good pace.

When the race progresses sun rises,Furthermore slippery situation is the road surface.
Top already three wins the World Championship
Exit is Hanka KUPFERNAGEL of Germany,
Deployment Marianne VOS and France urging of the Netherlands follow.

Players can throughout stable running is Ogishima even in such a condition.
Surely Hashirinuki toward the goal,
It became a goal in 31 of 6 minutes 19 seconds behind.
Time difference has it open, but it can be said with the results put out enough power.

Sakai was also Rairaku vehicles are plunged to a subsequent player in late,
It became a goal in calmly Hashirinuki 8 minutes a little delay.
Experience seems less but could well capture the difficult course.

Do Toyooka Japanese champion crazy rhythm in the early stages of 落車,
After that it was also too long and forced to repeat back the 落車.
Was the Toyooka, which had dropped the ranking to the lowest,
Became a goal in the 36th also help to cheer the audience.

1.COPPER NAIL Hanka(GIVING) 0:45:15
31.OGISHIMA Mika(JPN) +6:19
34. SAKAI Masumi (JPN) +08:05
36.TOYOOKA Ayako(JPN) +09:56


But it was easy to slip considerably in the morning of the race,
It seems moisture of the road surface has become easier to run jump in good weather from the morning.

Netherlands, Belgium and the powerhouse crowded elite.
Among such,TsujiUra,Kosaka was off to a good start.

Although the first lap what top group were divided into several groups,
Race consists of the beginning to the top group of about 20 people is progress.
TsujiUra,But it was not able to enter the population of Tomoko Kosaka,
Both players chase at a good pace.

Kosaka has been combined pat tone in this time of world war.
Such as temporary leave before TsujiUra
Tone even if viewed from the course side is seen to be good.
But the nightmare is hit!
In camber point that a good command without Anything if usually
Loudly 落車 dressed to fall from the hill will be Suberashi the front wheels momentum left over.
It had retreated away injured ankle.

Although TsujiUra did not go up the early pace,
Since the middle was able to regain the rhythm.

Top also made in the second half of the deployment remains a large population.
Despite the difficult course,
Ability of top players that can run in a large population is immeasurable.
It had escaped from the last population
Hope of the Dutch expected Lars BOOM.

TsujiUra the goal in 57 of piled up indifferently round.
Although It is a pity that I did not Dashikire the original force,
Still no doubt that with a talent that can be goal.

Kosaka 落車 then also,Would retreats, etc. equipment trouble,
It had resulted in the -3Lap.
The not get easily to the goal even if good condition is a world war.

1. BOOM Lars (DOWN) 1:05:27
57. TSUJIURA Keiichi (JPN) +07:16
62.KOSAKA Masanori(JPN) -3Lap

Each category both in the world championship
Last week of the World Cup winner was as it is the winner.
(監督 澤田雄一)