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2015Year BMX Asian Championships Myanmar tournament report

Long force10May 31(on saturday)In Myanmar Naypyidaw、2015Year Asian Championships will be held、Men and women total of 9 people were participated from Japan。
It became a battleground in this tournament、2It was built towards the year before the Southeast Asian Games held、It was Myanmar's first BMX race course。
Although the heat wave blessed the weather have been avoided、Asia-specific road surface condition Ya、By such as a flat corner、Was not always easy fight also this time。
Last year, the men's elite class that monopolized the podium participated Japanese players of five、5Name is advance everyone to finals。
Finals to lead the top from beginning to end is Nagasako YoshiTaku players、2We decided the winner of consecutive years。
2Place to Yoshimura TatsukiNozomi 敢選 hand、3Position to enter the Tatsumi Matsushita players、Followed by the Japanese team has dominated the podium in the last year。
YamaguchiMen's Junior Elite Daichi Yamaguchi players of the Asian Championship's first race、Even once from the qualifying and won the first Asian title not cede before。Runner-up enters Hasegawa Yuto players、Became Japan urges 1-2 finish。
Two Japanese athletes competed in the women's elite、Last year won the junior category、Seko HarukaKa players went up to the elite category was played a 3-place finish。Miki Ibata players had finished the race in sixth place to advance to the final。
Of title defend Ya in the men's category、I was able to earn UCI points for the Rio Olympics country participation frame acquisition was the result of the positive。
As a representative country pulling the BMX race category of Asia in the future、So we will proceed with preparations for the coming season、We continue to thank you cheer。
Thank you for your support。

EliteMen 表彰 式Japanese players result
[Men's Elite]

Winning long forced Kyrgyzstan Billiton (Okayama · MX イ center have nn na na シ ョ Hikaru)
Yoshimura quasi-winning Greek dare tree (Osaka · CREDIT Racing)
3Bit Panasonic Sunda (Kanagawa Waseda University Graduate School)
5Place Yoshii Kohei (Tokyo · MX International)
7Place Sanbe climate (Kanagawa Cyber ​​University)

[Men's Junior Elite]
優 勝 山口 大地(新潟・Yess Factory Team)
Chung Doo quasi-winning Hasegawa (Ibaraki · Tokiwa University Colleges)

[Women's Elite]
3Place Seko HarukaKa (triple-Shigakkan University)
6Place Ibata Miki (Osaka · MX International)