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2016BMX World Championships championship

Nagasaki2016 UCI BMX World Championships being held in Colombia, Medellin、Race of the championship category reached the final day was held。This tournament will be the last tournament that can earn UCI points to become the country ranking criteria multiplied by the participation of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games。Japan has remained in 13th place to earn a berth at the World Championships before the latest rankings、It is important to maintain the ranking stacking points in tournament。

hatakeyamaSae Hatakeyama was competed in the Women's Junior (Kanagawa / Hakuho Girls' High School) was the goal at the 4-position to advance to the final。BMX World Championship championship category of the women's players of Japan has advanced to the finals、You say that is feat the first time that。Hatakeyama in the age class in the past、Three times world champion to have players。
Although the men's elite Nagasako YoshiTaku (Okayama / Motocross International) and Yoshimura TatsukiNozomi敢 (Osaka / credit racing) has come upon to break through the first match 1/8 finals、Nagasako position 5、Yoshimura did not reach the quarter-finals line up to 8 and 4 positions。

ikegamiMakoto Ikegami topped the first match in the men's junior (Osaka / KUWAHARA BIKE WORKS) is、The quarter-finals and goal at the 5-position、Semi-finalists did not become。
Although the men's elite has increased loading the point toward the Olympic berth acquisition、We will wait for the official announcement about the ranking of the decision。

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