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"1st JBCF Minamiuonuma time trial" report from business group

Team UKYOTT3 team winning streak in the Team UKYO overwhelming speed
Team TT to about 2 around the Sagurigawa Dam lake which this year will be the first held。Continuous first half of the up-down and curve、Flat and wide course of the road width is the second half of。In the rain all day Furitsuzuku、The first Honda was launched in Tochigi is 20 minutes and 35 seconds while top time you put。But of late start team will update one after another、The final start of Team UKYO (Kazushige Kuboki、Pablo Urutasun、Oscar Pujol、Yusuke Hatanaka) and a 19 minutes and 18 seconds、2Landslide victory with a wide margin of 17 seconds in place of Matrix Powertag。The team of April Shirahama、Shows the team TT3 winning streak and the overwhelming strength followed in Gunma。

J Pro Tour Round 17, "the first time JBCF Minamiuonuma time trial."
Date September 19, 2015 (Sat)
Venue Niigata Prefecture Minamiuonuma Shimizu Seto
Sagurigawa Dam special course
距離 チームTT 14.8km
P1クラスタ 14.8km
1位 Team UKYO 19分18秒
2Place matrix PowerTags +17 seconds
3Place Nasu Burazen +22 seconds
4位 KINAN Cycling Team +31秒
5Place Utsunomiya Blitzen +32 seconds
6Place Shimano Racing +55 seconds
J Pro Tour leaderHata in Yusuke (Team UKYO)
U23 leaderMetro Yuta (Nasu bu ze ra ー nn)

Fクラスタ 個人TT 6.8km
1Bit grazing Lai Wing (ASAHI MUUR ZERO) 10 minutes 24 seconds
2位 伊藤杏菜(Champion System Japan)+22秒
3Place Kashiki Sachiko (Neilpryde – Nanshin Subaru Cycling 駒澤大学)+39秒
J feminine leader 伊藤杏菜(Champion System Japan)

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