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Aquece Rio – International Road Cycling Challenge レポート

Delegation8月 16 日 Warm River – International Road Cycling Challenge(UCI 1.2)
The race was held to adjust the number of around the same course as the 2016 Rio Olympic Games。Sea of ​​flat course is affected by the wind、2.5㎞の石畳区間と急勾配の丘越えを含む前半周回、Round and the second half, including a full-fledged mountain pass、Roughly consists of the three elements。This time are ranked in the UCI America Tour 1.2 class、It is align the face many professional teams belong players mainly in France。
Race in France from the beginning、It revolves around Russia, et al.、The way France、Rush to the cobblestone round in Italy, et al. 5 players precedes deployment。Although trouble is after another rough road surface、Masuda chain trouble even Japan Team 2 lap、Bicycle exchange etc. Nakane punk and continued in this correspondence、A result, the two men could not be returned to the population。In the race that is earnest pace up and the population is destroyed upon entering the second half of round、Doi is falling off。Remain Uchima will reach the final episode in the third group, but the last was a goal of late from the group in the climb。Course is a hard or more information、Road surface condition was also very bad。Including but various elements of the road race、Players facing with power and climbing force。Is expected to be in the race of the power game that does not work is deception in the deployment at the Olympics。(Sensible Asada)

Doi Yukihiro TEAM UKYO
Masuda Nariyuki Utsunomiya Blitzen
Uchima Kohei Bridgestone anchor cycling team
Nakane UK registered Aisan Racing

1 Alexis VUILLERMOZ(フランス)4h20m27s
2 Serge PAUWELS(ベルギー)+22s
3 Romain Bardet (フ ラ ン ス) + 22s
Kohei within ... 26 + 17m10s
... Nariyuki Masuda、The board Geun、Yukihiro Doi is the way abstention
It raced 73 people finish 29 people