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BIWASE CUP 2016 Stage2 Hiromi Kaneko stage victory!

Kaneko runaway HiromiStage2 is up to the middle from the first half of the process goes a gentle up-and-down、It continued to climb in the second half to about 6% of the 10km、In the course of 108.5km to do a up-and-down of 12km from there to the goal、Japan team is aimed at the stage victory in Kaneko players。
Wear a difference of about a maximum of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, ahead of the pack is local Vietnamese players from immediately after the start。気温が35℃ほどと非常に厳しい暑さの中で、After absorbing all the players to climb opening、To start ahead of the pack to the attack from the guarded ran Kaneko climbed opening to team。
Although quite time difference was not tired in the first half interval、Gradually difference without falling climbed the second half the pace is going to open。Widen further difference in the headwind of up-and-down section from beyond the top。Sakaguchi enters the group of six chase Kaneko、Contain the individual all-leaders。Kaneko became a leader in the king of the mountains even in the individual all-as it widened the difference。How expedition Kaneko which has been moving in the flour only for the team also has to show its own force as this day ace。
In severe course first 3stage is followed by a climb and the up-and-down、It will protect the individual all in a team。(Takayuki Kakinoki)

1 Hiromi Kaneko
2 Nguyen Thi That (Loc Sun Group AG) 2 分 22 秒 差
3 Supuksorn Nuntana (タ イ) 同 タ イ ム
4 Sakaguchi HijiriKaoru same time
8 Miho Yoshikawa 4 minutes and 38 seconds behind
11 Kajiwara Yumi same time
13 Koyama maleate same time

Individual overall standings
1 Hiromi Kaneko 5 hours 1 minute 15 seconds
2 Nguyen Thi That (Vietnam) 2 minutes and 11 seconds behind
3 Supuksorn Nuntana (タ イ) 2 分 20 秒 差
4 Sakaguchi HijiriKaoru 2 minutes and 32 seconds behind
11 Miho Yoshikawa 4 minutes and 48 seconds behind
12 Kajiwara Yumi same time
19 Koyama maleate same time
Team Japan