Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Road race

Individual road races

Race using the general road is known for, such as the Tour de France。And all players to start all at once、Compete for the order of arrival。Because there is a presence of air resistance、For escape alone to wasting a considerable amount of physical strength、Each team and each country is to expand the organization play、Show a dense play in order to win the ace to its course and good。Atlanta or et al.、Top pros to the Olympics to be active in the Tour de France also came to participate。

Individual time trial

Each player will start one by one、Compete for the time required to the goal。Unlike road races to run in a group、It disciplines the only merit of the individual will be tested。

Stage Race

Road racing is further、And One Day race that takes place in just one day、It is divided into a stage race to be contested over a period of several days。Stage race represented in the Tour de France、And overall winner of the most less player to total time required for the race to be held on a daily basis。