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Truck Race

Short-range species Head

1km (500m) time trial
Speed ​​event that only runs through earnestly seek time。To measure the individual finishers time、Order is determined by its relative merits。1In the case of km time trial、Running time of the top players is about approximately 59 seconds to 63 seconds。The speed to be around 60km / h。The men's 1km、Women is carried out at 500m。
2-4 people athlete will start with the signal of the whistle、Race to the winner of those first-come。
Even if human sprint duration is long 10 for a few seconds、But it is said to be about 200m and to distance、Scene to be galloping to demonstrate the full power is powerful enough。In addition the walls of the air, called the awkward thing is invisible wind pressure for the players。Depending on whether the preceding or overtake but also different degree of wear of physical fitness、Is carried out a variety of tactics On the timing of the gimmick is until about the goal in front 200m。And explosive sprint battle of goal before、Various tactics until it's attractions in this race。250In the case of m track、Qualifying counts the last 200m of 3.5 laps、Main race is contested in three laps。
Team sprint
1 team three people (girls 2 people) are organized in、Race to be contested in the three laps of the time trial。Each of the players away from the team after subtracting the head one by one round、Time of when the last one was the goal (the men's 3 laps、Girls is determined victory or defeat by the relative merits of the finish time) of 2 laps。As we disconnected one after another rocket plays a role、Gradually, but the number is going to become less、Charm wow that as possible ran unabated Speed。Since the circumference by the stadium is different、World record is certified only 250m track。
The has evolved born in Japan is "Keirin"。It is exported、It was adopted in international event。 World Championship course、Has been adopted as the official event from Sydney is in the Olympics。Pacemaker uses a bicycle with electric assist。Pacemaker start time of 30km / h、Leave the runway at the finish before approximately 750m to pace up gradually up to 50km / h。Such starting methods in order to solve the handicap due to wind pressure players the forefront is made until the pacemaker is retracted、It is carried out violently tactics in order to keep the best position、It is determined at a stretch game at the end of one round。The distance is performed before and after 1500m cases 250m track。

Medium and long-distance events

Individual pursuit and (individual additionally 抜競 run)
Home stretch and players from the back-stretch two opposite people to start with cue、Race overtake players in front each other (opponent) doing as much of the force。If you do not keep up with the、To finish a predetermined distance、It is determined victory or defeat by the relative merits of the finish time。Men's 4km、女子 3km、Men's Junior 3km、Carried out in the women's junior 2km。
Team pursuit and (organization additionally 抜競 run)
In organizations version of the individual add 抜競 run、4km 1 team 4 people in (both men and women)、Compete for superiority or inferiority by measuring the time。Front wheel front end of the time measurement is the third player。Where the big difference with the individual pursuit is、4 people in order to avoid fatigue and deceleration due to air resistance、Thing to promote the race while in to replace the top in order。Thing seen teamwork of team events unique to。
Scratch、Compete by multiple players of up to 24 people (250m track)。Individual events to compete the finishing order ran a given distance。In short、Helpful to think of the road race carried out in the track stadium。However、Top priority acquisition number of laps is。2002Has been adopted as the year the world championship event。
Points Race
Compete by multiple players of up to 24 people (250m track)。Performance is determined by the sum of the scores given by the (close distance to 2 km) point round which is provided during the race。(1 through 5:00 =、2Bit by = 3:00、3Bit by = 2:00、4Place pass = 1 point) Other、It is given 20 points to round UP player。If the total score is the same、Put the superiority or inferiority in the arrival order at the time of the goal。It should be noted、250In the following track m is、Intermediate sprint is carried out every 10 laps。
The origin of the name is、Stemming from it was a popular event at Madison Square Garden。This event is intended to do while in to replace a point-race two people a pair。Plus the force of the point race、It is the race where you can enjoy enough clever tricks of team play, which is said to hand sling。By dividing the track into upper and lower、Area lower is that to expand the race、Upper row and area for rest、To superimpose the score and wrap while replacement so as not to be their speed and drop。Also、It cues and touch can also enjoy point the way to partner at the time of change。100Week 25km、It is contested at 200 laps 50km in the world championship。

Complex event

In composed of competing in more than one event like the land of decathlon、1Run the 4 events in the days。Point given by the various eyes of rank (1 of 40 points、2 of 38 points、3 of 36 points ...。Highest competitor victory of the total)。But、In a point race of the last event、Score of the race is as addition and subtraction、The final ranking is determined。And event order also determined as follows:、Start that did not competitor not be able to participate in the subsequent events。
① scratch
② tempo race
③ Elimination Nation
④ Points Race