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The history of bicycles and cycling

By bicycle competition compete for the victory or defeat with the naturally bicycle as sports、Along with the players of athletic ability、The performance of the bicycle itself also have an impact on the race result。So First bicycle history as equipment surface、Let's take a look at the history of the race, followed。

The history of the bicycle

Bike is said to have been invented in around the end of the 18th century。Initially span frame wearing a two wheels before and after、It was a plaything that advance kicking the ground with feet。1813Practicality is enhanced with a steering to change the direction of the front wheels to the year、19Simple drive system has been considered in the mid-century。In the front and rear wheels are the same size、Is the end of the 19th century became the now almost the same form of the rear wheel advance move by chain。In this period was the beginning of the Meiji、It began to be imported bicycles in Japan、Immediately domestic production。The current of Miyata Industry Co., Ltd. was a gun blacksmith began the production of the bicycle was the 1890。
1886Although bicycle meeting in Imperial University in the year was established、Or a hobby of the upper classes because it was expensive、It was most likely used as a sport of the tool。However, the Ministry of Communications is now used at the time of telegram delivery in 1892、The First World War are now mass-produced on the occasion。after that、Until after the First World War、The bicycle is used as transport equipment and means of transportation、I went to evolve in that direction。But since the 1960s、Usefulness is diminished by the spread of urban transportation、Western as well as the method of utilizing as sports equipment has become the mainstream。

The history of the bicycle race

Bicycle race is soon to start is bicycle invention、Gradually it went to long distance。1890Age to start the race in the current form、1903Tour de France was launched in the year。Initially it was contested as endurance race such as there is a section that runs more than 500km per day、There is also the spread of progress and pavement of bicycle manufacturing technology、Compete for speed went turned to sport。
But also short and medium-range fighting with the track stadium in 1893 now to be held the world championship、At that time was the only thing simply compete for speed。However, if the speed is increased by improving the runway and equipment、I ran the way has also changed。40km per hour in the road race、By bicycle competition also to 70km when it comes to the instantaneous velocity of the short distance、Greatly influence the presence of air resistance、It drafting to get behind the front runner has come to be used as a tactic。Along with it、Race is complicated to become more thrilling battle、Born rule that corresponds to it、Also it has followed the revision of the rules up to the current。

The history of cycling in Japan

Although teachers of 1886 (1886) to the Imperial University (the University of Tokyo after) has established a "bicycle meeting" for the purpose of the exercise、It has been said that perhaps the first bicycle club was made by Japanese。In 1893 (1893) is、Full-fledged bike club with the participation Iwasaki et al of the Mitsubishi conglomerate called "Japan HanawaTomokai" has also been established。And I 1898 first bicycle race held by the Japanese Dainippon Twin Wheel Club was hosted by Ueno Shinobazunoike in (1898) was supposed to be opened。
at that time、Bicycle ones still expensive、Nurturing the players become the order nobles and chaebol is sponsored。Players ran wearing a jersey for the publicity of the trading company、It was a professional racer that receive a per diem。From it is not that just like events in the current Tour de France before 100 years has been carried out in Japan now。A further 20 century long-distance race, which was conducted in initially、Also because newspaper was organized for sales、I exactly the same as the traditional race of Europe。
Cycling is then、1934Become a pure amateur sport by the founding of the Japan cycle Federation (after the Japan Amateur Cycling Federation) of the year、Many of the race was held。In addition after the Second World War is riding the wave of reconstruction、One after another birth is large-scale race。However, it went has been gradually shrinking along with the worsening of the traffic situation。
Second World founder and Japan Cycling Federation was born in a large pre-war、Along with the deterioration of the war situation, but we received expelled from U.C.I.、It was recognized after the war immediately re-accession。after that、By division of the international professional and amateur organizations、Differentiation in the Japan Professional Cycling Federation and the Japan Amateur Cycling Federation。To the former international organization F.I.C.P. of the professional sector、The latter began its activities belong to F.I.A.C. of flax sector with the apex of the Olympic Games。And among the fence that professionals and amateurs are going to be tought to all sporting、It is one of the international organizations U.C.I.、Make it the Japan Cycling Federation of today as an organization of the two organizations also 1995 in professional / amateur integration of Japan。