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JCF elite junior track Camp Day 4 report

P10603424Also track camp to be a day eyes have to digest the schedule on schedule。Today's objective is the training to increase down the high gear。Schedule is a turn off in 30 minutes o'clock meeting 21 o'clock dinner 20 training, 19 o'clock every day 6 am wake-up, gymnastics, 7:00 breakfast, 8:30 18。Feel and load the training can also be achieved because of the same level of players to each other by multiplying。Elite Men 58 seconds stand in today made a flying start 1000m,Junior was time to thin and 59 seconds。Also,We had announced the overseas expedition experiences from the players in the middle of the night of the meeting。Although the training camp tomorrow where leave to end,Junior team last training camp is scheduled for July towards the Junior World election to be held in August the United Kingdom。(Junior strengthening training Group Hiroki Orimoto)