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For safe driving on public roads

Tuan Public Finance of Japan from Zhuan vehicle Athletic League

That most of the charm of the bicycle is the feel the wind speed is to acknowledge everyone. Since this appeal what bike is born,Other vehicles is probably why has maintained its position among one after another born. However,Therefore but speed comes out,Not to say that with danger.
In recent years traffic accidents is decreasing,It is growing rather the ratio of bicycle accidents in the whole accident,Bicycle rider has also become even perpetrator to victim. Sports to enrich the life,Things like cause of unhappiness must be prevented with care to each other.
When traveling on public roads by bicycle,Especially when the training,In good condition has been bicycle,We will comply with traffic laws,As always be safely noted,Please.

Safety first priority · ho Walker
It exists for transportation of flights general of vehicles and pedestrians on public roads. It is not a never perfect place to practice in that sense. It does not become self of safety only if you want to practice,Please note safety also of others.

の comply with traffic rules
It is a matter of course to protect the rule as a sportsman,Please be aware that you will be to protect each other.

Based on the above,下記事項に注意してください:
1 Security Management System
- Upon exercise plan,And to clarify who is responsible for,It establishes a system that judgment can be made quickly, such as a practice interruption for risk aversion.
• The hazard notes on the practice course in practice all participants to share information.
- That the use equipment is in compliance with traffic rules,Make sure that the maintenance has been made sufficiently.
• The contact system in case of an accident we should be clear.

2 hoken added
• If in case you were injured to others,We subscribe to liability insurance. There are also cases in which judgment was out of compensation in excess of 50 million yen in the civil trial,The perpetrator is responsible for payment to the parent in the case of minors.
· To prepare for his injuries,We subscribe to sports injuries insurance.

3 Using equipment
More than traveling on public roads,Bicycle itself also must comply with traffic rules. Also,Wear helmets,And it is required regardless of the competition - practice.
- It is equipped with two independent lines of brake was in the front and rear wheels.
Be provided with a Bell (no-class "okay because issuing a voice" traffic rules on the required.)
Reflecting plate or be provided with a reflective tape to the rear-(even a practice of noon,Required in order to protect themselves in the tunnel)
It is provided with a light (headlight) (even in the practice of the day,In order to protect themselves in the tunnel,In preparation for the postponed's situation to the time zone of the unexpectedly night,Be sure to carry a mounting or removable). The use of some of the sufficient brightness with a headlight function.

4 Traveling method
· Left-hand traffic
Defend the-signal
Mobile phone,Music player while running disabled
You see the front and. Do not travel while looking down.
• Multiple name in case you run,And maintain a safe spacing,Top runner voice behind,Tell the danger backwards gesture.

Rescue duty at the time of 5 accident
By any chance,If an accident that he is the perpetrator has occurred,We do wounded of relief.
Also,Cooperation to take measures to prevent secondary accidents that other vehicle is brought into contact with the accident scene to.

It is situated in the main considerations more,This is not to say that all of the measures.