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Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic the second stage <report>

The second stage
In circuit course of 1.3km the second stage, including a climb of 250m、It was expected that different players come to the upper and yesterday。9 people escape of is determined, including the five players of Orica in a few minutes after the start。Laps entered was wrong of tone Ueno in yesterday's stage here。Hashimoto is delayed in this movement is the main population。Players of Orica from the peloton at the second group and the distance is open to runaway decided the attack。Group of Ueno including Valentina Scandolara personal comprehensive leader time difference not allow Orica the chase is open for more than one minute。
Kajiwara per 30 minutes、Yoshikawa、The second group is to join the first group fell of speed, including Koyama。Takes attack multiplied by the second place from there、Koyama、And Yoshikawa is left behind in the subsequent。Ueno also enters actively to add run without missing before、Kajiwara not remove the population ahead of。Ueno again in two laps is Valentina Scandolara、But escaped getting caught before the last round at the players and 4 people with Annemiek Van Vleuten et al force。Ueno again in the last round but slipped out the second place battle for sprint not Nigekire。Kajiwara the fourth fastest of the 5-position of the population、Ueno was the goal in the 8th。Enters the always top population Ueno in a strong wind blows、It showed a good move。Kajiwara is attached to the sixth place in the individual all、Stage victory in the Japan team in tomorrow's final stage、Aim for within individual third overall of Kajiwara。(Takayuki Kakinoki)

1 Amanda Spratt Orica-Scott
2 Jenelle Crooks Orica-Scott
3 Annemiek Van Vleuten Orica-Scott
5 Kajiwara Yau not
8 Ueno South
14 Miho Yoshikawa
Koyama maleate retire
Hashimoto Yuya retire