Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

Beijing Olympics just before special program at the NHK BS1

In the Beijing Olympics just before special program to be broadcast on NHK BS1、Fushimi players featured in the fact that the male players that medals are expected。

Program name "Shine! Midsummer of athletes - Beijing Olympic Games just before Special ~"
Broadcast date and time July 29, 2008 (Tuesday)
19:10〜20:00(Part 1)、20:10〜21:00(Part 2)
※ broadcast on Fushimi players is scheduled for the second part。
NHK BS1 (NHK satellite first channel)

※ on record、After the initial broadcast end 21:15〜21:20Until
「GO!Athlete applied to the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 dream - Toshiaki Fushimi - "
It is being broadcast but also in BS1。

※ predetermined run again
8Month 2 days (Sat) 15:10〜16:00、16:10〜17:00
8May 3 (Japan) 25:10〜26:00、26:10〜27:00

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