Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League

For compliance with the UCI rule 1.3.024

This degree UCI is,Affiliate Domestic League,For bicycle parts manufacturers and UCI registered team,It has become a near-term problem,The terms 1.3.024 of the time trial bicycle of nonconformity and handle bar,Other effect of performing the determination of the following,I was notified.

"The UCI,The handlebar since no later than 1 January 2009 issue decided that for use in competition the bicycle needs to be replaced to conform handlebar. on the other hand,Components of all of the bicycle (I except for the wheels to be regulated by the provisions 1.3.018),In particular seat post,Until January 1, 2010 is an extended period can be used. "

The components including the handle bars in question,In the cross-sectional shape,The ratio of the major and minor axis is what those with more than 3.

上記決定はUCIポイントの対象となる全日本選手権個人タイムトライアル・ロードレース大会をはじめとして適用されますので,Please be careful.