Japan car from Zhuan Athletic League


Commendation ceremony9Month 4 days fourth stage (the final stage) 121.5㎞
The fourth stage of the final stage 1 lap 13.5㎞ of circuit。The team start continue to aim to individual total score rise of AmeSawa。Although every year becomes a stage for the sprinters、This year was noticeable movement of each team that you try to settle a comprehensive dispute。The race can be an important escape of the end 16 people in the attack battle of the individual all-level with each other from the start。Although the team did not put on the escape, including the leader team to try to keep a constant time difference cooperation、Temporarily become out of control because the attack does not fit。From the population caught a barely top is near 100 km。6 people attack, including AmeSawa had been wait-and-see missed the then preceding of war and a half good timing。Without Hunt this exhausted population for、Among the Nigeki' was six、AmeSawa was raised to admirably third place individual overall goal to narrow margin at the 5-position。It became the first of the podium at the tournament to become the participation of the third year as the Japan team。(Fourth stage result formally result wait) (sensible Asada)